Gustavo Enrique Granados Sarmiento was born in September 22nd 1982 in Maracay, Venezuela.

Granados enter to University to study Management besides starting his career in Male Beauty Contests. "Galan de Aragua 2001" was the first one in his home town, and he was 1st runner up in that competition. 
A national competition came up on 2002, The Mister Tourism Venezuela,  He came out as the Winner, getting the chance to represent his country in the Mister Tourism International 2002 in Panama, this time he was 2nd runner up behind Mister Singapore and Mister Panama.
He also had the chance to represent Venezuela in the International Male Model Competition in Aruba on November 2002.
March 2003 he got a contract in Singapore, country where he started his International Modeling career. Since then he has worked in Thailand, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Dubai, Indonesia, Milan,  and Barcelona.
2011 he founded Gustavo Granados Model Management & School. He started discovering, preparing and managing career of dozen of venezuelan Models around the World.
6 years later,  in 2017 Gustavo Granados Management & School open doors in Miami Fl. 


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